It's Time to Fix Your Dented Drywall

Schedule a drywall repair appointment in Clio, MI

Plumbing repairs and electrical upgrades can leave gaping holes in your home's drywall. Dents and cracks can also make your beautiful home look shabby. Fix it all by scheduling drywall repair services in the Clio, MI area.

Arredondo Construction can patch and repaint your home's interior walls, making them look good as new. For professional drywall repair work, call 810-210-1157 now.

Get an above-average paint job, every time

Get an above-average paint job, every time

A professional painter does more than just run a roller over your home's walls. Arredondo Construction handles...

  • Drywall installation-add a dividing wall to make the most efficient use of your living or working space.
  • Drywall repair-before you call a home painter, make sure you fix every imperfection in your walls.
  • Painting-brighten faded colors or create a whole new look with something completely different.

Don't just repaint your walls. Restore them with help from Clio, Michigan's expert home painter.